An Interesting Political Survey

I know this is not the kind of things that I personally blog about, but with the ongoing primaries and eventual presidential election in the United States,  thought it was at least topical. Politics has long been an interest of mine as well.

Over at VAJoe, there is a political calculator quiz to determine what candidate has views most like yours. I’ve run it twice now and both times I was surprised that I came up with a democratic candidate. Although the candidate that I would have more closely aligned myself with did appear second.

Apple: At Least a Year Ahead of the Competition

[digg=]Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports over in Fortune’s Apple Blog that Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray believes Apple is ahead of their competition in many design areas. His observations come as he walked the floor of CES, this week in Las Vegas.

He writes; “While Apple was not at the show, the company’s impact is felt at CES.” He points to three main areas: hardware design, touchscreen devices and ecosystem connectivity.

Munster sums up with: “We expect Apple’s Macworld announcements (1/15) to set the bar for CES ‘09 — in other words, we see Apple as effectively one year ahead of its competition.”

Apple already turned heads this week when they announced, ahead of Macworld, and during CES, the release of new Mac Pros, featuring 8 core processors.

Flickr to Authenticate OpenID – CES Announcement?

Rumors abound that Yahoo! will make a major announcement about OpenID today at CES. It looks like at the very least you’ll be able to use your Flickr user page URL to log in anywhere that supports OpenID login. The code is live, view source of any user page and search for OpenID and you’ll find it.

The service, however, is not usable yet….

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Free Wireless Internet

I’ve started a page on this blog listing all the areas in London Ontario that offer free wireless internet. Obviously you can find it at the top of the page, under the heading “Free Wireless Internet

I want to include as many places and locations around the city that I can so if you know of any please email me and I’ll add them to the list. My  email can be found under the “Contact” page.

Eventually I’d like to get a more in depth analysis of the free wireless around London, possibly comments on speed and over all quality reviews.

First Day Back At School

So, as the title suggests, today is my first day back at school for the 2007/2008 winter term. While I did take two courses last term, the majority of my time was spent working. I’ve finished working until May and will spend the next four months focusing on school.

Even now I’m still undecided about how I feel about heading back. I experienced a certain amount of freedom while working full time that I had hitherto not known. At the same time though with only 4 courses and 11 hours of total class time, going back to school feels almost like a vacation compared to 9.5 hour days and 6 am wakeups.

I lot of how I feel is going to depend on how my courses go too. I’m looking forward to a couple of them, which is important obviously. But I am also forced to take a couple of courses I really don’t want to, only to finish up my degree.

I really have nothing to complain about though, I’ve had a very cushy 4+ years here at school, and as it winds down I’m sure I’ll spend a lot of time reminiscing about the past.

But for now, its time to focus on class…

A New Adventure in Hi-Fi

Last night I attended the January Geek Dinner. (Held on the first Wednesday of every month at Molly Bloom’s in London ON). While there, Bill Deys told me about IODA Promonet, a service similar to PodSafe Music.

IODA Promonet allows you to browse through artists, songs, and record labels. All the music is safe to post on blogs, or to play on podcasts.  From their site:

Promonet is a unique promotional music distribution network that provides its users with a new way to legally download, publish, and share music. Promonet is run by IODA, the leading digital distributor of independent digital music. More than 3000 of the best and most influential independent record labels distribute their music through IODA, and they have given IODA permission to make thousands of their tracks available to Promonet users.

This has got me thinking, I’ve always tossed around the idea of doing a small, independent music based podcasts. Just a few songs that I’m currently digging, and probably little to no dialogue. Now that I have an account with Promonet I might just do it.

So keep an eye out the next few days/weeks, I might have something up!

24: The 1994 Unaired Pilot

I found this very amusing 24 parody, set in 1994….


I’m sorry I’ve just been posted links to videos, I promise more unique and relevant discussions will follow…

Happy New Year!

One of my new years resolutions for 2008 is to be more consistent in my blogging. I’m not hoping for a daily post quite yet, but at least 4 or 5 times a week. I do not just want fluff pieces either, this is what I’m doing now, blah blah blah, but rather more in depth discussions of issues I (and I hope my readers) find interesting, as well as relevant news stories and announcements.

I hope 2008 is all that everyone hopes it can become, and that all the goals you set out to accomplish will be achieved.