Inside Source: Apple to Release an Ultra Portable Device

Yes, I know Apple has already announced the Macbook air, this is a completely different product. I would describe it as a combination of the air and the iPhone.The device is said to require two hands and be a touch based device. The device could then be a more upgraded iPhone or more developed iPod Touch. Another option is that this device would be more like current windows-based tablet PCs.

As per other Apple products, most of the speculation comes from hardware orders. Inside sources have tipped that recently Apple has been working with a German company Balda to purchase 5.2″ touch panels. This was also the same place that Apple procured their iPhone screens.

For a more in depth analysis check out David Sieger’s Eye on Apple blog. Mac Rumors has also discussed this device before.

If this is in fact true, it would be very exciting news. Ever since the iPhone came out, Apple fans have been debating, is it a phone or is it a mobile computer. A new device would finally settle everything. But probably not Merlin Mann’s continuing desire for a return to the 12″ Powerbook

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