Facebook Spam

I’ve had my first experience with Facebook spam.

By spam, I do not mean the hordes of chain letters, application invites, and general annoyances I get from my friends lists. Spam is completely unsolicited messages or wall posts from people I do not have on my contact list. Spam is basically automated communication.

Last night I got a message in my inbox from someone that thought I was cool, wished we could chat, but since Facebook had no such feature, wanted me to join another social networking site.

I was quite surprised by this. First, did they just type a random name in to the send box? Second, how does Facebook allow sending messages to people you don’t have on your contact list? Has anyone else had experience with this?

I hope that this does not increase, or even continue. Facebook remained the last place where I was free from spam. I liked it that way, and want it to remain spam-free.

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