Current Life State

I think its time for an update about whats going on in my life right now. I know I primarily blog about technology, but when I first started it wasn’t like that. Some people who read this might actually care about me as a person too…

I’ve started going back to school this term. After working full time for the past 8 months, its been quite a transition for me. I’m enjoying not having to get up as early in the morning. However when I find that I get bored a lot easier. Working took up a lot of my time, more then is currently been used in school.

My courses have been pretty light this year; Canadian geography, cell biology, advanced plant physiology, philosophy of language. They have all been interesting with decent profs so I should have no trouble focusing on the work.

I’ve started “exercising” more too. Since I’m no longer working I need to remain active. I’ve already been running and swimming this week, finally getting some use of the school gym. I’m also working with weights to keep my strength up. I want to return to work in May and not be so out of shape that I’m in extreme pain by the end of the day.

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