iPhone in Canada?

Jonathan Ratner over at the National Post has written an article that quotes analysist who think that Apple might release details of Canadian carries for the iPhone.

Apple may announce Canadian iPhone carriers at Macworld: analyst

Does anyone really care about this though? With the current pricing of Canadian data plans, unless you have spare thousands lying around, you can’t really use the phone the same way that our American cousins can.

Finally, in all my discussions with Rogers sales people they all think Rogers will never carry the phone because they are unwilling to make the concessions with Apple that AT&T did.

Perhaps our only hope is the upcoming wireless auction

Update: Here is a few links about the costs of Canadian wireless data plans compared to the rest of the world.

The High Cost of Canadian Wireless

Canada Worse than 3rd World Countries when it comes to Mobile Data Access

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  • http://deys.ca Bill Deys

    I could care less. I like my Touch but I could live without it. I can’t live without an iPod I just don’t need a touch and and iphone is an even bigger waste of money. Data Rates in Canada aside, after trying to type a message, gmail/facebook/twitter/etc., I don’t think I could put up with that entry type to do all my mobile stuff (SMS,Email). I do want that new blackberry 8830 though!

  • titusferguson

    I agree with you Bill. I don’t quite know yet if I would get a iPhone or not. The price is definitely a barrier for me right now. I haven’t really used a touch keyboard, but I can understand the possible disadvantages. The blackberry’s get more and more appealing for me though!

    What really gets me though is how excited people get about the iPhone in Canada without thinking about the month to month plan costs.

  • Tristian

    Data rates are decreasing. Look at Bell, it offers unlimited e-mail for $15 per month — which is a start. Plus, there’s a rumour that Telus might switch to GSM. The competition is starting, but Rogers just doesn’t want to budge. I can’t wait for the upcoming wireless auction.

  • 11thIndian

    If Apple is planning a release announcement with Rogers tomorrow, then it means that Apple will have reached an agreement they think is fair to consumers. No doubt this has been the stumbling block. But Rogers must feel the heat to release it, with a CDMA version possible this year and/or Telus considering a move to GSM- not to mention the upcoming wireless auction. If they don’t move soon, they’ll regret it later.

  • titusferguson

    I’d hope that Apple will only make a deal with a Canadian carrier if its going to be fair to consumers. Based on their track record I’d assume this would be the case. As far as bells $15/month unlimited email; if you look at the site, its exclusively email, no internet access. The next plan up is $20/month for only 2mb. I’ll say it again, our only hope is more competition in the GSM market in Canada.