Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research

I came across this article on Popular Science: Another Major Stem Cell Advance

To summarize: In the U.S. in order to do any research on embryonic stem cells, the Bush administration has required that the orignal embryos  suffer no harm. Up until now this has been impossible, but scientists at Advanced Cell Technology announced yesterday that they developed five human embryonic stem cell lines without destroying the original embryos.

Does this really meet the ethical guidelines though? The motive for them is to prevent the death of the embryo (yes, I believe it is actually a living human, and therefore they are killed) ? What happened to these embryos after Advanced Cell Technology created these stem cells? Where they allowed to develop into fetuses? Obviously these are concepts that combine the disciplines of theology, philosophy, science and morality. (Weren’t all those fields already all mixed up anyways?)

I’m excited for research like this because I see all the benefits it will have for us. However, I’m first and foremost pro-life and I value all human life and want to see medical results where no one is harmed.

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