No More TV Links

So after several days of being unable to access I decided to find out what had happened.

Well according to this article in The Register, he was arrested for violating trademark laws and the site shut down: “TV-Links man was arrested under trademark laws”

Its really too bad, cause I had just recently discovered the site and was really enjoying their full listings of all the shows I wanted to watch. Looks like I’ll have to go back to bittorrent again.

Here’s the full listing of related stories on Google

The Continuing Saga of Syncing Word Docs and Google Docs

Ok, this is starting to get really interesting. Originally I wrote a wish about syncing word and Google docs.

Then in this post I discovered a bit of a solution regarding uploading in bulk to Google.

I just discovered a post on TechChruch that completely solves the whole problem. An application called DocSyncer that will automatically upload all your hard drive based documents to Google. They claim its a small application that runs in the background. While I am never a fan of more things running in the background this is pretty cool.

Right now its just in beta and currently only available to windows users, but we’re on the right track!

Sync Word and Google Docs: A Solution

So a while back I posted a query about syncing all the documents stored on my hard drive with Google documents online. While browsing around Google Docs I was able to find a bit of a solution.

If you go to upload a file and browse a littleĀ  further down the page, you’ll see the option to email-in documents and files. Using your unique email address you can send an email with all the documents you want uploaded as attachments.

I’ve tried it out and it works great.

Montreal Smoked Meat

So on Saturday night I was down at Centennial Hall in London for a Tegan and Sara concert. It was a great show, lots of songs from the previous two albums as well as some earlier stuff. T & S are known for telling stories on stage, unfortunatly, this show didn’t have as many as I was expecting. Despite the horrible opening act it was am enjoyable evening.

After leaving Centennial Hall, I went down to The Richmond Tavern, where a co-worker of mine’s band was playing; Hunting For Joseph. I was pleasantly surprised with their sound. Kinda Nu-Rock, but without the pretension and crap. I didn’t stay long though because it was really hot in there, and some friends were waiting for me.

Starting walking downtown and decided to stop for a smoked meat sandwich at Cousin Vinny’s. I’ve had their lean on rye before and it was quite good. This time though, the fellow at the counter was totally inept and didn’t know how to even make a smoked meat sandwich. After five mintues of wandering around the couter aimlessly, he asked me if I would prefer a slice of pizza. I was tired of waiting, so I said sure and took two huge slices for all my trouble.

A good Saturday night. Now its turkey day!

Twitter Interface Update

Twitter seems to have updated their interface. Much better now, and it includes stats.


-Larger user icons
-Clearer fonts
– Tracking : Follow specific keywords and find out when anyone twits about them

Apparent iPod Touch Keyboard Flaw

Is the iPod touch not as awesome as everyone thought it was going to be?

Its come to my attention that there is a conflict between the iPod touch’s keyboard and podcasts. When playing a podcast and then logging onto the internet bringing the keyboard up causes the iPod to immediately pause the playing podcast.

Obviously not a benefit, it just remains to be seen how soon it’ll be fixed.

Thanks to Bill Deys for pointing this out at the London Geek Dinner