Montreal Smoked Meat

So on Saturday night I was down at Centennial Hall in London for a Tegan and Sara concert. It was a great show, lots of songs from the previous two albums as well as some earlier stuff. T & S are known for telling stories on stage, unfortunatly, this show didn’t have as many as I was expecting. Despite the horrible opening act it was am enjoyable evening.

After leaving Centennial Hall, I went down to The Richmond Tavern, where a co-worker of mine’s band was playing; Hunting For Joseph. I was pleasantly surprised with their sound. Kinda Nu-Rock, but without the pretension and crap. I didn’t stay long though because it was really hot in there, and some friends were waiting for me.

Starting walking downtown and decided to stop for a smoked meat sandwich at Cousin Vinny’s. I’ve had their lean on rye before and it was quite good. This time though, the fellow at the counter was totally inept and didn’t know how to even make a smoked meat sandwich. After five mintues of wandering around the couter aimlessly, he asked me if I would prefer a slice of pizza. I was tired of waiting, so I said sure and took two huge slices for all my trouble.

A good Saturday night. Now its turkey day!

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  • picard102

    damnit! I wanted to go to see them. I love T&S.

  • titusferguson

    Sorry you weren’t able to make it man!