An Old Feature I Just Discovered

This post is so behind the times it should be written on papyrus, but hey, the info was new to me.

I recently became aware of iTunesU. Its built into the iTunes music store and is a collection of courses from major North American universities. Since I love the thought of learning something for free, without all the course obligations (assignments and tests) I thought this was a great service. So I downloaded a bunch of classes I thought were interesting.

And low and behold when downloaded, iTunes puts them into their own folder. Now to me this was amazing. I didn’t realize you could even create a folder of playlists. I did some searching around and found out this feature was released back in V.5 of iTunes. Ah well better late then never.

Unfortunately the folders do not sync to the iPod. All the playlists in a folder appear as just one playlist with the folders name.

In case, like me, you didn’t know about this: its under File – New Folder or Ctrl+Shift+N

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