More Facebook Features

I just discovered this and I bet many of my readers haven’t found it yet either

Facebook Phone book!!

If one of my friends has a phone number in their profile it lists it here. All arranged alphabetically. With their profile picture alongside. Now if there was only a way to access this on my phone.Consider this a call to update your profile with a phone number, I’ll definitively appreciate it.

To access your own Facebook phone book browse to your Facebook home page. On the left hand side under applications click mobile. On the mobile page the second tab will open your phone book. Pretty neat eh?

Two in One Day

Everyone knows how I love Facebook. But I also love combining everything I use the inter-web for in one place. With the introduction of Facebook Apps this has become even easier. (I’m going to write about facebook apps in a much more detail later)

Once I switched over to wordpress and I was automatically given an RSS feed I started to use it all over the place. One particular instace was to import all my posts on WordPress into Facebook as notes. It was done automatically every time I wrote something new.

While WordPress has developed their own app that allows me to seemlessly combine both these sites. Now I can write a post in Facebook and it will show up on WordPress and vice-versa.

You can read more about this here

Time For A Change of Topics

I apologize for the long break between posts, but I’m sure many of you reading this now didn’t really care. Although the majority of my blog has been about technology I’m going to write about literature.

Lately I’ve been reading a whole lot of really badly written novels and I was tired of that and I wanted something a little more substantial. So I decided to start reading award-winning novels, and I’ve started with the Pulitzer Prize. I’ve got a list of all the winners from 1947 to the present and I’m hoping to be able to read them all.

Before I got onto that project I picked up a book at the local library: “A Box of Matches” by Nicholson Baker. Not an award winning novel, but it looked interesting enough so I had to check it out.

This book was perhaps one of the most unusual books I’ve read. Written in the first person is follows the brand new habit of waking up before dawn, starting a fire, and just thinking. Except for the fact that I’m holding a physical book in my hands, it has the feel of an online blog. Nothing really happens, no plot is advanced, and the characters are no further ahead at the end of the book.

It provides and interesting read and at time humorous as the man character discusses his theories on washing machines, why certain leafs fall off the tree and describes the families pet duck daily routines. While no Pulitzer winner, it provided a mild diversion and a quick easy read.

I’m currently reading “The Stories of John Cheever” which is an award winning novel. I’m quite enjoying it, although it is 800 pages long. It might be a while before you get a full review of that one.

Back into the swing of things

Well its been a while, two months to be exact, since I last posted. I don’t really have anything to say but I wanted to let anyone know that I’m back and I’ll be writing something soon.

So stay posted