More Facebook Features

I just discovered this and I bet many of my readers haven’t found it yet either

Facebook Phone book!!

If one of my friends has a phone number in their profile it lists it here. All arranged alphabetically. With their profile picture alongside. Now if there was only a way to access this on my phone.Consider this a call to update your profile with a phone number, I’ll definitively appreciate it.

To access your own Facebook phone book browse to your Facebook home page. On the left hand side under applications click mobile. On the mobile page the second tab will open your phone book. Pretty neat eh?

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  • William Spaetzel

    Sweet! Thanks for pointing that one out. It will be quite handy!

  • Bill

    That is a great feature. Access from a phone would make it killer but a one way sync to your phone wouldn’t be a bad way to go either. Won’t SMSing a name to FBOOK send you their number?

  • titusferguson

    I agree Bill, syncing is something I think Facebook need to implement. Stay tuned for a post regarding that.

    You’re also right that you can view a friends number through your phone.