Wrapping Up

So classes are winding down at school and its amazing how fast the second semester seems to go compared to the first. I feel like I just started most of these classes but here they are all ending.

Today I’m handing in a term paper for my philosophy of biology classes. The topic I chose was evolutionary origin theory, basically how life began. I presented the case that theories like that are not science, as per the definitions philosophers of science like Karl Popper and Michael Ruse present. I’m pretty proud of the paper and if anyone wants to read it let me know.

Also having checked my stats on this blog I see that two people subscribe to the RSS feed. I’d be curious to know who they are….

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  • http://jagrant.blogspot.com Jamie A. Grant

    Wait, you can write something like this and not get burned for it? I wrote something like this back in high school, which I considered to be the most well-researched and well-argued project that I did that year. I got my lowest mark of the year on that one.

  • titusferguson

    Well I just handed it in this morning so I don’t know what kind of mark I’ll get, so possibly I could end up getting burned. I’m hoping that the Professor will evaluate it on the logic of the piece and not his own personal opinion.
    What exactly did you write on?

  • http://jagrant.blogspot.com Jamie A. Grant

    My project was a research essay for physics class. I did something about the origin of the universe and the Big Bang theory. I had more science articles than you could shake a stick, many of which disagreed with each other. But hey, what’s a few billion years difference amongst experiments, right?

  • titusferguson


    My paper was dealing with the origins of organic life as opposed to just matter, so a little bit of a different angle.

    I also did the unusual step of not trying to support creationism or I.D. as science either, which they aren’t

    The best part was quoting Karl Popper admitting that some science requires faith, and Micheal Ruse admitting that most origin theories are more philosophical then scientific.