Titus and Margaret

Titus and Margaret

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I love the internet. It lets me do things like this:

This whole post took me all of 1 mintute to do, beat that all you old schoolers.

With my Mac’s built in isight I took a picture of Margaret and I leaving the library. Using a plug-in for photobooth I uploaded the picture to flickr. I logged onto to flick, clicked the new photo and wrote a blog post. Flickr took care of the uploading onto WordPress.

Amazing eh?

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  • http://joelevan.blogspot.com joelevan

    I’m happy you linked to me as the “old schooler”.

  • http://www.mikewc.blogspot.com Mike

    You wrote that it took you 1 minute to write the post – in the middle of writing the post. Hmmmm?

  • titusferguson

    By saying “all of” I admitted the estimation of how long it would take me to write it…

    Yeah I went back afterwards and cleaned up the post… so what??