Good Free Music

I’ve decided to include a link to good, free, music for the masses to download. I’ll try to do this as often as possible.

Today its a song my Maclom Middleton, formally of the Delgados, but since they broke up, he’s alone. The song is called “A Happy Medium” and can be downloaded from his website.

Today was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. I didn’t really do anything. And that was great. Just moved around from room to room reading, listening to music, cleaning etc. I moved most of my stuff into the next room where I will be sleeping during the summer, since Eddie doesn’t want to be woken up when I get up at 5:20 am. Meh.

This week I work over 5o hours, I’ll be rolling in the good dough, figuratively and literly.

Thanks for reading.

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